Safety Success: Our Commitment

TRIR = .55

EMR = .65

The great success of the TOPCOR Safety program can be attributed to many individual pieces of the whole program. With many different dynamics and the various tasks conducted by the TOPCOR family of companies, a canned program or even an outside safety consultant could not have produced the program or the accomplishments of our safety record. It had to be done from the inside, and it was.

Almost 4 years ago the program underwent a major overhaul, updating and improving with the goal of being the best program in our industry. Every single safety standard, policy, training program, database and more was custom created to not only meet the requirements of OSHA and other regulatory agencies as well as our clients' needs, but to produce a practical application of safety processes specifically fit to the activities we engage in, the products, tools and equipment we use, and to the employees we have conducting those activities.

While not all-inclusive, some of those programs/policies/procedures are:

  • Comprehensive Substance abuse policy including pre-employment, random, annual and for cause screening, as well as follow-up and EAP services.
  • Aggressive Pre-Job JSA and Daily JSA programs that identity the tasks, the hazards associated with those tasks, and mitigation steps to eliminate or minimize those hazards to acceptable and manageable levels.
  • Incident/near miss investigation and root cause analysis of all incidents.
  • Incident Index scoring system that grades incidents on causation and loss potential rather on the severity of actual injury or amount of loss/damage.
  • Incident reporting, including every employee signing off at the end of each shift documenting that they have not been inured or been involved in any incident that day.
  • Clearly defined and communicated Supervisor Safety Responsibilities.
  • Stop Work Authority for every worker at all levels; the right to stop any job or process encouraged and without the fear of retaliation when there is any question concerning safety.
  • The "I Want To Know” program with training and a hard hat sticker which invites others to provide feedback to each individual if they see something that is unsafe, or that could just be done better or safer.
  • Short Service Worker and Mentoring Program.
  • Daily toolbox safety meetings to cover the JSA (AHA) and all safety aspects of the project.
  • Weekly Safety Trainings from the corporate office for general and specific topics.
  • Monthly Supervisor Safety meetings/training sessions with attendance and participation from Sr. Management.
  • Close relationships with Occupational Clinics and physicians for optimum case management to avoid OSHA recordable injuries while never compromising patient care.
  • Observation Program with Behavioral Based aspects incorporated into the program with data tracking and trend identification.
  • Defensive Driving courses for all drivers.
  • Close relationship with the Safety Councils.
  • Certified, experienced and highly trained safety professionals.
  • Currently working to get all supervision though the Safety Trained Supervisors certification test from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. 3 employees have completed certification, 1 waiting to test, several more with applications for testing pending.

These items, along with a lot of care and concern for our employees' safety, health and well-being, and a passionate approach to safety within our leadership, have been instrumental in TOPCOR achieving almost 3 years without a lost workday, approaching 2 million work hours.