Learn more below about TOPCOR Companies' expertise and a portion of our top project experience.

Concrete structural restoration, Metalized Zinc Cathodic Protection (of reinforcing steel) and relining of the brine pond with an HDPE liner, along with other incidental work.

Concrete structural repair, column restoration with fiberglass jackets filled with concrete, concrete expansion joints, metalized cathodic coatings on steel and metalized zinc cathodic protection for reinforcing steel.

Complex series of pouring new structural beams under existing beams and repairing the existing beams once the new beams had developed strength. Also performed repairs and poured additional strengthening under the existing slabs and repaired and applyied a protective top side coating system to prevent further damage.

Specialty rehabilitation to steel connections and finger joints, removal of lead paint and repainting, heat straightening of gusset plates, fabrication and replacement of handrails, structural concrete rehabilitation and restoration of expansion joints.

Staging for Safe Access to the underground tunnel, drilling 5/8” diameter holes in concrete ranging from 24” thick to 60” thick concrete, injection of over 500 gallons of Hydro Active Grout to establish Curtain Grouting between Monolith Conduit Joints, and the repair of cracks and miscellaneous concrete patching.