Welcome to TOPCOR Companies, an integration of ten self-performing specialty and general contractors that provide a wide variety of industrial and infrastructure construction, repair and protection services to the private and public sectors in the US and abroad.

At TOPCOR we pride ourselves on our safety culture, programs and performance, which exceed that of any other contractor or constructor in our fields, resulting in the ultimate goal of sending our employee-partners home each day to their families in good mental and physical health. The dedication of our family of employees has resulted in the statistics that we so proudly share with our clients:
  • Three Years and 2 million work hours without a lost workday
  • TRIR of .55
  • EMR of .65 (effective 10/1/14)
Our companies work seamlessly together to provide single-source solutions to our clients by grouping our services under one contract to perform related tasks that traditionally require either a general contractor and their sub-contractors, or multiple contracts to unrelated contractors.
Each affiliate is a separate entity so that they can maintain the integrity of the unique skills required for their specialty niche, rather than running the risk of becoming generalists. The ability to combine these services under one contract, with one award-winning safety program, one insurance carrier and one $10 million excess liability policy provides a value-added asset to our clients.

As you can see by navigating this site, TOPCOR has the answer to your fabrication, construction, corrosion protection and repair and environmental needs, whether for the petro-chemical, refining, oil and gas, power or infrastructure markets.

Thank you for visiting our site and please contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule a visit to your facility.