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Marine Pile Protection Systems

We utilize a variety of technologies to protect and repair marine pile systems. Most utilize a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) shell and incorporate different filler materials in the annular space between that shell and the piles. These systems are applicable to both concrete and steel piles. We have installed over $10 million of these systems to date.



Some examples of systems utilized:


FRP with Concrete or Grout Filler


The simplest repair is simply installing an FRP jacket around a pile and filling it with concrete or grout. This will protect the pile from further damage although it does not address the cause of existing damage.




FRP with Epoxy Grout Filler


The epoxy grout provides a higher degree of corrosion protection and requires a smaller annular space.


FRP with Zinc Mesh and Concrete or Grout Filler


This system provides a zinc anode in the FRP jacket that provides cathodic protection of the reinforcing steel of the piling. An additional bulk zinc anode is attached underwater to supplement the zinc jacket liner.


Systems Providing Structural Enhancement


Most of the options listed above can be provided with a new steel reinforcement cage inside of a larger annular space to provide structural enhancement to the pile.

In all options there are different methods of preparing the piles for rehabilitation and jacketing. We have the proper training and equipment necessary to perform the preparation and installation above, below and within the splash zone.

In all cases, we have significant experience, the proper marine equipment and the dive teams to self perform these installations and provide safe and quality life extension for marine structures.