To learn more about the variety of capabilities TOPCOR Companies has to offer, explore the list below. 

Used for new construction or replacement risers, ArmorGard® is a shop applied, seamless composite overlay which is applied directly to steel surfaces and provides service life corrosion protection for splash zone area piping.

TOPCOR provides a wide range of Restoration and Protection services for Bridges and other Marine structures in markets such as Federal Agencies, State DOTs, Municipalities, Railroads and Private owners. We are not only expert at the repair technnologies, but also in providing the proper access for repair, especially in marine environments.

TOPCOR provides a wide range of Bridge Restoration and Protection services for Federal Agencies, State DOTs, Municipalities, Railroads and Private owners. We are not only expert at the repair techniques, but also in providing the proper access for repair, especially in marine environments.

TOPCOR installs virtually all available coating and topping systems on concrete, steel and other suitable surfaces.

Redefining the role of general contractor, TOPCOR Construction can handle every phase of your project, from coordination of the initial design and engineering, through construction start up and final acceptance.

Primarily through our TOPCOR Construction division, we offer complete civil, mechanical and structural general construction services, with a primary emphasis on offering our clients the safest workforce in the industry.

The original focus of our founding company, TOPCOR Services, LLC, concrete restoration and protection services include a wide variety of repair techniques and coating, topping and lining system applications.

Since 2005, TOPCOR Offshore L.L.C. has been lending an expert hand to solving the problem of splash zone corrosion through the use of fiberglass composite technology. We offer a full range of proprietary products and services committed to the protection and repair of steel pipe from corrosion damage.

DynaGard ® is a field-applied corrosion protection system consisting of a rigid composite shell fitted with a corrosion resistant adhesive liner. Specifically designed to fit nominally to pipe, DynaGard is quick and easy to install.

DynaGard® Flat is an easy to install corrosion protection system that isolates the support from a pipe. It consists of a rigid, composite plate fitted with a corrosion resistant proprietary adhesive. Specifically designed for pipe supports, DynaGard® Flat is easy, quick to install, and a perfect partner to the original DynaGard®

We utilize a variety of technologies to protect and repair marine pile systems. Most utilize a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) shell and incorporate different filler materials in the annular space between that shell and the piles. These systems are applicable to both concrete and steel piles.

TOPCOR provides both shop and field process piping and vessel fabrication and installation services in both our Augusta and Baton Rouge locations. We also provide this equipment mounted on our fabricated skids, with all valves, electrical and instrumentation specifications installed.

We offer full turn-key construction of lined ponds and Tank foundations.

RiserClad® is a field applied, rigid composite corrosion barrier created specifically to protect splash zone and crevice corrosion for risers and pipe supports.

RiserWrap™ is a field-applied, flexible composite corrosion barrier specifically designed for bends, "T's” and other irregularly shaped piping. Application of RiserWrap™ virtually eliminates future maintenance expenses.

TOPCOR provides complete shop and field application of rubber and thermoplastic linings for vessels, piping and other process equipment.

TOPCOR is one of the leading contractors in providing shotcrete services for structural repair applications. We utilize ACI certified (certification process a joint venture between ACI and ASA, American Shotcrete Association) nozzlemen to perform shotcrete repairs

TOPCOR provides shop fabrication of miscellaneous structural steel, such as circular platforms, stairs, caged ladders and pipe supports (shoe, trapeze, hangers and tee support) along with spool pieces and fittings for rubber lining.

Welded Plastic Piping Systems (HDPE, Polypro, PVDF) Supply, Fabrication & Installation; ½”-120” Diameters